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Tom Sheeter is a Los Angeles based writer and Account Manager at Superstock. He specializes in film and tv licensing and clearance issues.

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This Summer’s Hot Ticket Is from NASA

There may be nothing new under the Sun, but an adventure planned for this summer may reveal new things about the planet itself.

Sometime between July 31 and August 19, a Delta IV-Heavy launch vehicle will make a night launch from Kennedy Space Center. It will carry the Parker Solar Probe, years in the making.

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Topics: Science and Technology

Hygge Whispers a Promise of Comfort

Awareness of hygge started as a soft whisper in 2015. 

By 2016, the world took the Danish concept of deep comfort and contentment in simple moments and hugged it to its heart. Hygge how-to books hit the bestseller lists and Pinterest boards filled up with ahh-some images of steaming mugs of cocoa, slippers, napping kittens, and couples by the fire, cocooned in blankets.

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Topics: Lifestyle Photography

Step inside the world of John Newcomb

The Line Between Humans and Animals

Painter John Newcomb uses acrylic on canvas to quite literally blur the line between humans and animals. With each image, Newcomb introduces the viewer to a new combination of creature and human behavior. Often, animal heads and even torsos adorn human bodies in action, working out, incarcerated, having tea, or dressed impeccably. These hybrid creatures each maintain their own personalities, covering both a variety of positions in human society and an array of animals. Chimps, walruses, peacocks, toucans, gorillas and many others reside in saturated settings, painted in a straightforward manner.
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Topics: Fine Art

Are homo sapiens destined to become homo technicus?

Never underestimate the imagination of an emo teen.

Mary Shelley was just 18 when she started to write Frankenstein, arguable the first sci-fi novel and unquestionably more relevant today, when technology has made the imaginings of 1818 all too possible. 

We can redefine life. Artificial intelligence, augmented realities, gene editing, and bionic organs are no longer the stuff of fantasy.

Many of the most intriguing, controversial, inspiring and fear-inducing trends can be lumped together under one big idea: transhumanism. 

How can we – or should we – transcend our human limitations?

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Topics: Science and Technology

Celebrating Colored Eggs with Fine Art

It is the season to admire art in an unlikely medium: eggs.  People around the world have been decorating Easter eggs for generations.   

At the end of the 1800s, a New Jersey druggist created a commercial Easter egg dye. Still in business today, PAAS offers more than 20 products. (The company takes its name from the Pennsylvania Dutch word passen, meaning Easter.) PAAS reports they sell more than 10 million egg  color kits a year – enough to dye 180 million eggs.

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Topics: Fine Art

Rosie & Co.: Still Working It

The original Rosie died last month, but a woman’s work is never done. 

A factory photograph of Naomi Parker Fraley, who died in January, was reportedly the model for Rosie the Riveter, an image as popular today as it was in World War II.  (Beyoncé even copped a Rosie pose in 2014.)

The woman with the bandana and determined expression, sleeves rolled up and arm flexed, appeared under the heading “We Can Do It,”  The poster was created for Westinghouse in 1942, as part of a campaign to boost worker morale. Today the image remains a cultural icon, symbolizing women’s strength, contribution and economic clout.

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Topics: Vintage Photography

Are Your Photos Blog-Worthy?

By SuperStock Staff Writer - Tom Sheeter on February 27, 2018

Do you know the three S's for selecting an image for your blog post?

Savvy bloggers feature images in their blogs because compelling visuals attract viewers and hold them longer. However, not all visuals are equally desirable. Some choices can even be risky to your wallet, not just your reputation.

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The Looks of Love - A Timeline of Artistic Vision

By SuperStock Staff Writer - Tom Sheeter on February 12, 2018
Bodies entwined … doomed lovers from myth and legend ...symbolism and sensuality …

Great artists have always found love an irresistible subject. As our valentine to you, we share 14 images, both pure and passionate, from our Fine Art stock image collection.

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Your Social Media Video Cheat Sheet

By SuperStock Staff Writer - Tom Sheeter on February 06, 2018

Here is everything you need to know about Social Media Videos!

Social media is image driven. Vine may have withered in 2017 but the appetite for social media video remains high. Our click-finger twitches and our eyeballs wander when we hit an impenetrable wall of words. Whether your media budget goes to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube,  or a mix or some or all, you need to give people something cool to look at.

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Traditions of the Chinese New Year

By SuperStock Staff Writer - Tom Sheeter on January 26, 2018

The New Year After New Year

A real upside of multiculturalism is the opportunity to add new reasons to celebrate. Chinese New Year is definitely worth culturally appropriating. For a start, it lasts 15 days, late January to mid-February.

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